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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Media partners 2020

The VAPERmagazin is a pure B2B magazine for the E-Zigaretten-Industrie. 

It is published quarterly and is distributed free of charge to all shops, distributors, manufacturers, dealers, and many other persons from the E-Zigaretten-Industrie. In doing so we take into account the entire German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). 

In the VAPERmagazin you will find high quality, editorial articles, which are specially designed for the E-Zigaretten-Industrie. 

In addition to information on new trends, trade fair reports and presentations by important companies from the industry, there are also helpful tips and advice for everyday shop life, as well as articles on political and scientific topics.

The VAPERmagazin is your first address if you want to inform your customers in the E-Zigaretten-Industrie quickly and easily. 

because it's your business!


In 2011, he discovered the e-cigarette for himself and found a much less harmful substitute for the cigarette. What was initially only intended to be a cigarette substitute soon developed into a passionate hobby. It was no longer enough for him to go this way just for himself, he also wanted to share his experiences with other people. So he decided to open a YouTube channel in 2018 and presented reviews, unboxing, shop visits and much more about the topic of e-cigarette. The following year he also discovered the streaming platform Twitch for himself. After a short time his livestreams developed into a small community with great cohesion & heart. Dampfidelity attaches great importance to cohesion and a harmonious interaction with each other. Among other things, Andy is actively involved in the initiative "EzigaRETTENleben", as well as other projects around the topic "E-cigarette". He is always open for questions & criticism. Should you also want to get in contact with him, just send him an e-mail under dampfidelity@gmx.de

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